If you are really into your games or have young people in your family who are, chances are you may already have heard about the big fuss that’s going round about VR gaming.  VR games and peripherals are now readily available to hook up and enjoy with PCs and consoles such as the PlayStation 4 – but getting the right set-up and the right games and hardware together can be a bit of a headache – more so for your bank balance than anything else!

The future is now

VR arcades are here to introduce more people than ever before to the wonderful world of virtual reality.  VR has never been more accessible, never been more advanced – and has never been more fun!  You can now easily throw yourself into a variety of different worlds and games – from the Zombie apocalypse in Arizona Sunshine to escaping a virtual prison in Vacate the Room, you can now be part of the game in a whole other way.  It sounds like something out of science fiction – and in a way, we suppose it is!


Planet Game Hub is a brand new VR arcade and gaming centre based in Gravesend, Kent – and we’re proud to be able to launch our range of immersive games and experiences for a wider audience who may not have access to all the bells and whistles that can allow them to play at home.  VR arcades work in a similar way to the penny arcades and coin-op simulators of old – take your pick from a range of games and get immersed – however, graphics and technical capability has certainly come some way from the classic Street Fighter games in the early 90s, for example!


A VR arcade allows you to pick and choose from a range of different titles and experiences – simply take on a comfortable headset and we’ll supply you with all the software and the space you need to get started.  Feel free to move around as if you are the character in a game – and if games aren’t really your scene, why not take a trip to a faraway land – without ever having to leave Kent?  It really is an amazing setup and we can’t wait to introduce more people to our games and hardware as time goes on.


VR experiences don’t have to be expensive and certainly don’t have too be enjoyed by the same old gamers.  We’ve built up a wide selection of games and software for people of all ages to enjoy – and you can rest assured that VR technology has now advanced to the point where your complete safety is assured.  We’ve come a long way since those prototypes that were doing the rounds in the 90s!


If you’re local to Gravesend and are keen to find out about what all the fuss is regarding VR, you’ve come to the right place – try some of our brilliant titles and big name brands and get yourself fully immersed!

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