If you’ve heard anything at all about the boom in interest over virtual reality in the past few years, you may well be wondering what the fuss is all about!  VR has improved and advanced to such an extent that people are, more than ever, throwing themselves into games like never before – and quite literally!  Surely it’s every gamer’s dream to be able to physically leap into the worlds they’re exploring or to actively becoming part of their games – and right now, VR arcades are helping more and more people realise that dream.

Save money & space

VR is now widely available in homes through various consoles and PC setups but it comes at cost….a big cost in both money and space so it becomes more affordable to come and visit a VR arcade in their own back yard, such as our brilliant range here at Planet Games Hub in Gravesend, Kent.

We’re massively proud to be able to bring stunning VR games and immersive experiences to Kent – we’re among the first to really take advantage of the VR phenomenon on this scale and we’re really excited about the games and brands that are popping up for use with a variety of VR hardware and peripherals.  Gravesend is going to be home to a brilliant range of top-flight games and experiences that really put you, front and centre, right into the action.

This is more than just games

Even if you’re not much of a gamer, you can take advantage of some of our brilliant virtual landscapes and immersive experiences – our VR arcade is set up to host some of the most advanced technology and most impressive games packages around – you’ll love being able to travel to another world and just having a bit of an explore!  There’s no need to go achievement hunting unless you really want to.


Remember the arcades of old?  The ones of the 80s and 90s?  This is a similar sort of idea – only with incredible VR setups and rooms available for you to get involved with.  The days of a few pixels on a screen being the be-all and end-all for gaming are long behind us – and while these games can still be great fun, can they ever compare to being able to throw yourself right into a virtual world and becoming a character you’d otherwise be controlling with a pad or a joystick?

VR is coming to Kent – you don’t have to shop around for expensive peripherals and you won’t have to travel too far to get access to some of the most amazing gaming experiences around.  VR is becoming more and more available to the wider public now, and we think that people of all ages stand to benefit from having a try of some of the most amazing, immersive open-world experiences on offer right now.  Why should console and PC gamers have all the fun?  Come along to our dedicated arcade and we’ll show you a whole new world or two you never knew existed.

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